Residential Property

Residential Property

Residential real estate is the ownership or rental of property to live in as your home. Each transaction is personal to our clients. It is important to have an experienced real estate attorney to represent you in what can at times be an overwhelming and time sensitive transaction.

Whether you are a seller, buyer or tenant who has signed a contract or lease prepared by a real estate agent, you have the right to have it reviewed by an attorney within the attorney review period. The attorney review period which commences upon the receipt by the buyer and seller of the fully signed contract or lease gives each party the opportunity to make changes to the contract or terminate the transaction. Only an attorney can do so.

A real estate attorney will assist you in the negotiation of the contract or lease. They will review the home inspection report, the title search, attend the closing of title and prepare the necessary closing documents.

It is important to consult with an attorney who is a real estate attorney. We have over 25 years of experience in the area of real estate law and representing clients in the sale and purchase of their home.


Condominiums and Co-ops

Condominiums and Co-ops are similar in that an individual is purchasing into a community setting subject to rules and regulations. A condominium is ownership of real property. A Co-op is ownership of shares of stock in a corporation that owns real property. A condominium owner has a deed to the unit and a percentage interest in the common elements which are owned by the association. A co-op owner has a stock certificate and proprietary lease evidencing ownership. In each situation, the owner pays a maintenance fee to the association.

We have represented buyers and sellers in both condominium transactions and co-op transactions.