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Personal injury cases take on many forms but all involve the suffering of an injury to the body.  There are cases where bodily injury is caused by negligence or intentional conduct.  In order for someone to be at fault for the cause of the bodily injury, there must be negligent conduct or intentional conduct.  The mere happening of an accident is not negligence.  In order for there to be negligence there must be a duty imposed by law, breach of the duty, the breach caused an injury and damages.

Negligence can take many forms such as motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, premises liability, medical malpractice, construction accidents, dog bites, bar fights,  pedestrian accidents, and workplace injuries.

Personal injuries can also take many forms from soft tissue injuries, broken bones, concussions, scarring, cognitive defects, emotional injuries, psychological injuries, loss of bodily function and death.

If the act that caused the personal injury is intentional, then the cause of action is not negligence but for an intentional act such as assault and battery.  Negligent acts are usually covered by various insurance policies.  Almost all insurance policies exclude coverage for intentional acts.  In most cases, to be considered an intentional act, the actor must have intended the act and the consequences of the act.  Therefore, there are instances where insurance coverage is afforded for personal injuries sustained by intentional acts if the consequences are unintended.  However, there are certain reprehensible acts where the injury is presumed and there is no insurance coverage.