Medication Errors

It is extremely important that the residents intake of medications be properly monitored. Residents should not receive any unnecessary drugs whether caused by excessive dose or duration, administered without adequate indications for need, administered although there is evidence of adverse consequences or no indication for the drugs’ use.

Medication errors include administering an incorrect drug or dosage to the resident or a drug that the resident is known to be allergic to. Pharmaceuticals should not be administered without a doctor’s order and the administration of the drug should not deviate from the doctor’s orders.

Many times, there is an overuse and over dosage of antipsychiotic medications. A common complaint is that the resident is lethargic or doesn’t communicate. A nursing home should not use antipsychiotic medicines to avoid the additional care that is needed for difficult residents or alzeheimers residents. The resident has the right to be free from unnecessary drugs and drugs should not be used to control behavior.